Degree Requirements

Master of Landscape Architecture (first professional) 

This accelerated graduate program is designed to prepare students for advanced work in landscape architecture. Upon admission, students must complete a structured core sequence of courses in design, visual communication, natural systems, history and theory, and technology in landscape architecture. Upon completion of the core sequence, students are qualified to begin advanced study in the discipline. Students in the first professional degree program must be enrolled full time and must complete at least eighty-seven semester hours of coursework. Students granted advanced standing normally complete their studies in two or more years, with sixty or more semester hours of coursework. The number of hours will vary according to the program of study outlined by the faculty upon admission.

Master of Landscape Architecture (postprofessional)

This graduate program is designed to provide individuals who have completed an accredited undergraduate professional landscape architecture degree or its equivalent an opportunity to engage in advanced scholarship and professional development. Students in the postprofessional degree program normally complete their studies in two years, with a total of forty-eight semester hours of coursework.

Enrolled students who seek to obtain course credit toward the Master of Landscape Architecture from other educational institutions must petition for approval for credit substitution from the Graduate Studies Committee in landscape architecture both prior to, and upon completion of, that coursework. Such approval will usually only be granted in hardship situations and upon evidence that completed coursework is commensurate with the same at the University.