Communication Studies

Master of Arts
Doctor of Philosophy

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Campus address: Jesse H. Jones Communication Center (Academic) (CMA) A7.112, phone (512) 471-1942, fax (512) 471-3504; campus mail code: A1105

Mailing address: The University of Texas at Austin, Graduate Program, Department of Communication Studies, 2504 Whitis Avenue A1105, Austin TX 78712



Facilities for Graduate Work

Facilities available in the Department of Communication Studies include computers with full statistics packages, and ethnographic coding, transcription coding, authoring, editing, and Web design software; these computers also have access to Web survey software. Four carrels are available for confidential data viewing, and are equipped with high-quality Web cams, headphones, and digital transcription machines. The College of Communication’s Digital Media Labs provide access to world-class nonlinear audio and video workstations. The college’s Instructional Media Center has a library of more than two thousand audio- and videotapes and a conversation library of about two hundred hours of interpersonal interaction, both audiotaped and transcribed.

Areas of Study

The master’s and doctoral degree programs in communication studies provide training in the following areas: interpersonal communication, organizational communication and technology, and rhetoric and language studies.

The Doctor of Philosophy degree with a major in communication studies is a research degree; doctoral students can expect opportunities to work closely with the faculty on research and to participate in the publication of research findings. All doctoral students are expected to achieve mastery of research design principles and methods appropriate to their program of study.

Graduate Studies Committee

The following faculty members served on the Graduate Studies Committee in the spring semester 2017.

Dawna Ballard
Joshua Ben Barbour
Jay Michael Bernhardt
Larry D Browning
Barry Brummett
Richard A Cherwitz
Rene M Dailey
John A Daly
Erin Eileen Donovan
Joshua G Gunn
Roderick P Hart
Sharon E Jarvis
Mark L Knapp
Madeline M Maxwell
Matthew S McGlone
Keri K Stephens
Jurgen K Streeck
Natalie J Stroud
Scott R Stroud
Jeffrey Treem
Anita L Vangelisti

Admission Requirements

Entering students must have a bachelor’s degree (or the equivalent) from an accredited institution, and their undergraduate preparation should include at least nine semester hours of upper-division coursework in communication studies. All applicants must meet the Graduate School's admission requirements.

Satisfying these minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. Each applicant’s credentials are scrutinized by each faculty member in the program. No single criterion, such as grade point average or Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) score, is given undue weight in the decision process; every attempt is made to assess the special strengths that the applicant might bring to the program.