Option II: Geophysics

Major Requirements

  1. Mathematics 427J and 427L
  2. Physics 315 and 115L
  3. Geological Sciences 325G, 325K, 354, 365P, 465K, 366M
  4. Six semester hours of approved field and/or research coursework. This requirement may be met by Geological Sciences 348K, 660A/660B, 661A/661B, 376L, 679G, or an approved off-campus geophysics field or research course. Field/research requirement courses should be completed during the same summer semester.
  5. Three additional hours of approved upper-division coursework in geological sciences.

Suggested Arrangement of Courses

BS Geological Sciences, Option II:  Geophysics

First Year
First TermHoursSecond TermHours
GEO 3033PHY 3013
M 408C4PHY 101L1
CH 3013M 408D4
UGS 302 or 3033CH 3023
RHE 3063E 316L, 316M, 316N, or 316P3
 16 14
Total credit hours: 30
Second Year
First TermHoursSecond TermHours
GEO 416K4GEO 420K4
GEO 416M4GEO 325G3
PHY 3163PHY 3153
PHY 116L1PHY 115L1
M 427J4M 427L4
 16 15
Total credit hours: 31
Third Year
First TermHoursSecond TermHours
GEO 325K3GEO 365P3
GEO 465K4Visual/performing arts3
GEO 4284Social/behavioral science3
Tech elective3Tech elective3
 Language or culture3
 14 15
Total credit hours: 29
Third Year
Summer TermHours
Field / Research Course6
Total credit hours: 6
Fourth Year
First TermHoursSecond TermHours
GEO 366M3GEO 3543
Language or culture3Geological Sciences upper-division elective course3
Tech elective (upper-division)3Tech elective (upper-division)3
GOV 310L3GOV 312L3
HIS 315K or 315L3HIS 315K or 315L3
 15 15
Total credit hours: 30

Total Credit Hours:  126