Special Requirements of the School

All students must fulfill the general requirements for graduation. Students in the Jackson School must also fulfill the following requirements:

  1. All University students must have a grade point average of at least 2.00 to graduate. Jackson school students must also have a grade point average in geological science courses of at least 2.00. Students in the Geological Sciences Departmental Honors Program must have a University grade point average of at least 3.00 and a grade point average in geological science courses of at least 3.50.
  2. The University requires that the student complete in residence at least 60 semester hours of the coursework counted toward the degree. For the Bachelor of Arts in Geological Sciences, these 60 hours must include at least 18 hours in geological sciences.
  3. The University requires that at least six semester hours of advanced coursework in the major be completed in residence. Options I, II, and III of the Bachelor of Science in Geological Sciences require at least 18 hours of upper-division coursework in geological sciences be completed in residence; Option V requires at least 12 hours. (Option IV: Environmental Science and Sustainability is no longer offered.)

Degree Audit

Each student should view their personal electronic degree audit available each semester through IDA, the University’s Interactive Degree Audit system. The degree audit tells the student the courses he or she must take and the requirements he or she must fulfill to receive the degree. Although the degree audit normally provides an accurate statement of requirements, the student is responsible for knowing and meeting the requirements of the degree as stated in the undergraduate catalog under which he or she is eligible to graduate; (refer to the rules on graduation under a particular catalog in General Information). Since the student is responsible for correct registration toward completion of the degree program, he or she should consult with a JSG academic adviser before registering if in doubt about any requirement.

Final Degree Audit

Prior to registering for the last semester of their Jackson School degree program each student must meet with a JSG academic adviser to review their final degree audit. It is the student's responsibility to complete all procedures associated with the final degree audit in a timely manner.

Any student who does not graduate when eligible must promptly contact the JSG Student Services Office. An academic adviser will advise the student what steps are needed for future registration and graduation.

Applying for Graduation

Students must be registered at the University and must file a graduation application form in the JSG Student Services Office the first semester they are eligible to graduate. A student is considered eligible to graduate if he or she can complete all degree requirements by registering for 12 semester hours or fewer. Graduation applications should be submitted during the first week of classes. No graduation applications will be accepted after the University's published deadline. Failure to adhere to these procedures and deadlines will jeopardize the student’s potential graduation as well as future registration in the Jackson School. 


In addition to the University commencement ceremony held each spring, the Jackson School holds graduation ceremonies in December and May. Students graduating with University Honors, School Honors and Jackson Scholars are recognized at this ceremony.

August degree candidates who have completed a final degree audit may participate in the spring Jackson School commencement ceremony preceding their official graduation date. In addition to completing a final degree audit, students must submit an application to walk in the ceremony by the published deadlines. Neither the application to walk nor participation in any commencement events constitute applying to graduate or official completion of a degree program.