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Registration, Tuition, and Fees

Students at the University register for classes online; instructions are given in the Course Schedule . The only way to enroll in a class is to register for it through the proper registration procedure or to add it after the initial registration. The instructor receives the student’s name only by official notice from the registrar. A student may not receive credit for a course for which he or she is not registered.

By registering, a student enters a college or school of the University and, except in matters of conduct, is under the jurisdiction of the dean of that college or school. The dean has jurisdiction over the student’s program of study and degree requirements. A student pursuing simultaneous majors in two colleges is subject to the regulations of both colleges. Students taking a course in a college or school other than the one(s) in which they are registered are subject, so far as that course is concerned, to the regulations of the college or school in which the course is given. In matters of conduct, all students are under the jurisdiction of the dean of students.

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