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Bachelor of Architecture


As a five-year professional degree program, the Bachelor of Architecture features a rigorous design-oriented curriculum with a solid foundation in technology and the history and theory of architecture. The curriculum prepares students for the challenges and demands of professional practice.

A total of at least 161 hours of coursework is required for the Bachelor of Architecture. All students must complete the University's Core Curriculum as well as the courses listed in the following table. In some cases, a course that is required for the BArch may also be counted toward the core curriculum; these courses are identified below.

Major Sequence Courses
ARC 310KDesign I3
ARC 310LDesign II3
ARC 320KDesign III3
ARC 520LDesign IV5
ARC 520MDesign V5
ARC 530TDesign VI5
ARC 560RAdvanced Design (taken three times)15
ARC 560TAdvanced Design5
Visual communication
ARC 311KVisual Communication I3
ARC 311LVisual Communication II3
ARC 221KVisual Communication III2
ARC 361TTechnical Communication3
Professional experience
ARC 362Professional Practice3
Site design
ARC 333Site Design3
Environmental controls
ARC 334KEnvironmental Controls I3
ARC 334LEnvironmental Controls II3
ARC 415KConstruction I4
ARC 415LConstruction II4
ARC 435KConstruction III4
ARC 435LConstruction IV4
ARC 335MConstruction V3
ARC 308Architecture and Society (visual and performing arts)3
ARC 318KWorld Architecture: Origins to 17503
ARC 318LWorld Architecture: The Industrial Revolution to the Present3
ARC 368RTopics in the History of Architecture (taken three times)9
Community and regional planning
CRP 369KPrinciples of Physical Planning3
Other required courses
M 408CDifferential and Integral Calculus (mathematics)4
PHY 302KGeneral Physics--Technical Course: Mechanics, Heat, and Sound (physics sequence meets part I science and technology)3
PHY 102MLaboratory for Physics 302K1
PHY 302LGeneral Physics--Technical Course: Electricity and Magnetism, Light, Atomic and Nuclear Physics (physics sequence meets part I science and technology)3
PHY 102NLaboratory for Physics 302L1
Electives approved by the undergraduate dean's office15
Core curriculum
Additional coursework to satisfy the core curriculum27
Total Hours161