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Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Science

Prescribed Work

All students pursuing an undergraduate degree must complete the University’s Core Curriculum .

In addition, students seeking the Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Science must complete the following degree-level requirements. In some cases, courses that fulfill degree-level requirements also meet the requirements of the core.

This degree is designed to fulfill the course requirements for certification in Texas as a middle grades teacher in the composite teaching field of mathematics/science. However, completion of the course requirements does not guarantee the student's certification. For information about additional certification requirements, students should consult the UTeach-Natural Sciences academic adviser.

  1. Two courses with a writing flag. One of these courses must be upper-division.
  2. One course with the following flag: quantitative reasoning.

Courses with flags are identified in the Course Schedule . They may be used simultaneously to fulfill other requirements, unless otherwise specified.

  1. History 329U or Philosophy 329U.
  2. Eighteen semester hours of professional development coursework consisting of:
    1. Curriculum and Instruction 650S
    2. Curriculum and Instruction 365C or UTeach-Natural Sciences 350.
    3. Curriculum and Instruction 365D or UTeach-Natural Sciences 355.
    4. Curriculum and Instruction 365E or UTeach-Natural Sciences 360.
    5.  UTeach-Natural Sciences 101, 110 and 170.

Major Requirements

Middle Grades Teaching in Mathematics and Science

  1. Curriculum and Instruction 339E.
  2. Educational Psychology 363M (Topic 3: Adolescent Development), or Psychology 301 and 304.
  3. The following foundation courses:
    1. Mathematics 408C  and 408D, or 408N408S, and 408M; and Mathematics 315C427K, 333L, and 362K ; students who plan to take physics courses to fulfill requirement 8 must also complete Mathematics 340L or 341.
    2. Chemistry 301 or 301H , 302 or 302H , and 204.
    3. Students who plan to use biology or geological sciences courses to fulfill requirement 7 must complete Physics 302K102M302L , and 102N or an equivalent sequence; those who plan to use chemistry or physics must complete Physics 301101L316, and 116L.
    4. Computer Science 303E or the equivalent.
    5. Biology 311C  and Biology 311D and 206L or 208L.
    6. Three semester hours of coursework in geological sciences.
    7. Three semester hours of coursework in astronomy or marine science.
    8. Biology 337  (Topic 2: Research Methods: UTeach), Chemistry 368  (Topic 1: Research Methods: UTeach), or Physics 341 (Topic: 7 Research Methods: UTeach).
  4. One of the following concentrations:
    1. Mathematics: Twelve semester hours of coursework chosen from Mathematics 325K or Mathematics 328K341 or 340L ; 358K; and either 360M or 375D (Topic: Discovery: Introduction to Advanced Study in Mathematics).
    2. Biology: Twelve hours of coursework chosen from Biology 320325226L, Biology 326R370, 373, either 324  and 124L, or 322 and 122L, and  Neuroscience 365R.
    3. Chemistry: Twelve hours of coursework chosen from Chemistry 220C320M320N353455, and Biochemistry 369.
    4. Geological sciences: Twelve hours of coursework chosen from Geological Sciences 404C  or 405, 416K, 416M420K or 320L, and 335.
    5. Physics: Twelve hours of coursework chosen from 315115L329333336K338K352K , 355, and 373.
  5. Enough additional coursework to make a total of at least 126 semester hours.

Special Requirements

Students must fulfill both the University's General Requirements  for graduation and the college requirements . They must also earn a grade of at least C- in the supporting course in requirement 2 and in each of the professional development courses listed in requirement 3, 4, and 5.  More information about grades and the grade point average is given in General Information .

To graduate and be recommended for certification, students must have a University grade point average of at least 2.50 and must pass the final teaching portfolio review. Information about the portfolio review and additional teacher certification requirements is available from the UTeach-Natural Sciences academic adviser.