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Simultaneous Majors

With proper approval, an undergraduate may pursue two majors simultaneously. The two majors may lead either to a single degree or to two degrees. For example, a student who majors simultaneously in history and government is awarded a single Bachelor of Arts degree; a student who majors simultaneously in journalism and government receives the Bachelor of Journalism and the Bachelor of Arts.

The student is admitted to the University with a single major. He or she may choose a second major after completing thirty semester hours of coursework in residence at the University. The student must follow any application procedures and meet any admission requirements that have been established for the second major; information about these and other relevant college policies is available from the dean. Approval of the student's application for simultaneous major will take into account the student's ability to graduate within four years1 of entering the university.

Students with simultaneous majors must pay all applicable major-related fees for both fields, and they have the right to use the advising and student services provided by both colleges. Decisions about admission to programs, honors, scholastic probation, and dismissal are based independently on the criteria for each major.

A student who chooses to pursue two majors simultaneously is expected to take responsibility for his or her educational development. The student must know and abide by all policies of each of the colleges in which he or she is enrolled. The student must also know and meet the requirements of both degree programs, enroll in courses appropriate to both, meet prerequisites and take courses in the proper sequence, and seek advice from both colleges about degree requirements and other University policies when necessary.

1For programs requiring more than four years, the projected length of the program will be used instead of the four-year standard.