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Special Requirements of the College

All students must fulfill the General Requirements for graduation given in The University section. Students in the Moody College of Communication must also fulfill the following requirements.

  1. All University students must have a grade point average of at least 2.00 to graduate. In the Moody College of Communication, a student who fails to achieve this grade point average in the normal 120 hours required for a degree may register for up to 40 additional hours in order to do so.
  2. All communication majors must have a grade of at least C in each course taken in the College of Communication that is counted toward the degree; if the course is offered on the pass/fail basis only, the student must have the symbol CR.
  3. No more than 60 hours of communication coursework may count towards the degree.
  4. The University requires that the student complete in residence at least 60 semester hours of the coursework counted toward the degree. In the Moody College of Communication, these 60 hours must include at least 18 hours of upper-division coursework and at least six hours of upper-division coursework in the major.
  5. A candidate for a degree must be registered in the Moody College of Communication either in residence or in absentia the semester or summer session the degree is to be awarded and must apply to the dean for the degree no later than the date specified in the official academic calendar. Information about applying for graduation is given below.
  6. An Air Force, Army, or Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps student who elects the basic and/or advanced program in air force science, military science, or naval science will not be approved for graduation until the student’s government contract is completed or the student is released from the ROTC.
  7. Each degree program is arranged to provide for the orderly progress of the student’s coursework. A beginning student (including a transfer student with fewer than 48 semester hours of transferable credit) who registers for 12 semester hours or more must take at least nine semester hours, in at least three courses, of the coursework listed as prescribed work for one of the degrees in the Moody College of Communication. The student must continue to take at least nine semester hours of the prescribed work each long-session semester until he or she has completed 48 semester hours of credit. The dean may adjust this rule in exceptional circumstances, or when the student has earned credit by examination, or when the student registers for fewer than 12 hours in a long-session semester.
  8. No student in the Moody College of Communication may repeat for credit a course in which he or she has earned a grade of C or better.

Degree Audit

Students should verify the coursework they have completed and the coursework still needed for the degree by reviewing a degree audit at least once each semester with an adviser in the Student Advising Office. The degree audit is a computer-generated report of the student’s progress in completing degree requirements. He or she may also create, print, and review an audit online through IDA, the Interactive Degree Audit system; information about IDA is available at .

Although the degree audit normally provides an accurate statement of requirements, the student is responsible for knowing the requirements for the degree as stated in a catalog under which he or she is eligible to graduate and for registering so as to fulfill those requirements. Because the student is responsible for registering for the courses needed to fulfill degree requirements, he or she should seek an official ruling in the Student Advising Office before registering if in doubt about any requirement.

Applying for Graduation

To graduate, a student must be registered in the Moody College of Communication and must file a graduation application with the Student Advising Office. A student who is enrolled in residence must submit the application online at . A student who is not currently enrolled should contact the Student Advising Office about the process to graduate in absentia.

The graduation application should be filed at the beginning of the student’s last semester; it must be filed no later than the deadline given in the official academic calendar. No degree will be conferred unless the graduation application form has been filed on time.