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Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Dance

Core Curriculum

All students must complete the University’s Core Curriculum . In the process of fulfilling the core curriculum and other degree requirements, all students are expected to complete the Skills and Experience flags:

  1. Writing: two flagged courses beyond Rhetoric and Writing 306 or its equivalent
  2. Quantitative Reasoning: one flagged course
  3. Global Cultures: one flagged course
  4. Cultural Diversity in the United States: one flagged course
  5. Ethics and Leadership: one flagged course
  6. Independent Inquiry: one flagged course

Courses that may be used to fulfill core curriculum and flag requirements are identified in the Course Schedule They may be used simultaneously to fulfill other requirements, unless otherwise specified. Please note, students may not earn the cultural diversity and global cultures flags from the same course. Students are encouraged to discuss options with a departmental academic adviser.

Prescribed Work

  1. Foreign language: Six semester hours beyond course 507, 508K, or the equivalent in one foreign language.
  2. General culture: Three semester hours chosen from the following areas: architecture, classics (including classical civilization, Greek, Latin), comparative literature, humanities, philosophy, and interdisciplinary fields outside the Department of Theatre and Dance such as American studies, African and African diaspora studies, Asian studies, Latin American studies, Mexican American studies, and women’s and gender studies. The student is encouraged to choose coursework of a multicultural nature. Courses outside the Department of Theatre and Dance that are cross-listed with theatre and dance courses may not be used to fulfill this requirement. A course used to fulfill this requirement may not also be counted toward any core curriculum requirement.

Major Requirements

  1. Theatre and dance core: 33 semester hours, consisting of the following courses Theatre and Dance 311C, 311D, 314M, and 314P; six semester hours chosen from 302T, 313C, 313D, 316D, and 314C; either 317C and 317D, or 317M and 317N; two semesters of 324P; and three semester hours chosen from 351S, 357T, or an undergraduate research methods course.
  2. Additional courses in theatre and dance: 24 semester hours of course work in the Department of Theatre and Dance, of which at least 15 must be in upper-division courses.


Twelve semester hours chosen from courses either within or outside the Department of Theatre and Dance. Additional elective coursework may be needed to provide the total number of semester hours required for the degree.

Students considering graduate study should consult their advisers about the most appropriate choice of courses.

Total Minimum Requirements

For the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Dance: 120 semester hours as outlined above.