Degree Requirements

Master of Landscape Architecture

First Professional.  The Master of Landscape Architecture first professional degree program is a Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board (LAAB) accredited degree, with graduate professional courses designed to prepare the student for advanced work in landscape architecture and to apply for registration with the Council of Landscape Architecture Registration Board (CLARB) as a Landscape Architect in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. The student’s required coursework is individually prescribed and based upon previous college work as shown by transcripts, portfolio, statement of intent, and references. Students entering without a background in landscape architecture normally complete the professional degree program in approximately three years of in-residence study or 87 credit hours; the academic records of students holding pre-professional bachelor degrees (i.e. in landscape studies or environmental design) are individually evaluated for course credit toward the professional degree program requirements. Students entering with a professional degree in architecture (B.Arch or M.Arch), or unaccredited degree in landscape architecture must complete a minimum of 48 hours of prescribed coursework. All Master of Landscape Architecture professional degree candidates must demonstrate proficiency in design and communication through a qualifying portfolio review conducted by the faculty before enrolling in advanced coursework.

Post Professional. The Master of Landscape Architecture post professional degree program is designed to provide individuals who have completed an accredited undergraduate professional landscape architecture degree an opportunity to engage in advanced scholarship and professional development. Students in the post professional degree program normally complete their studies in two years, with a total of 48 semester hours of coursework.

Students in both programs may participate in graduate portfolio programs. Graduate portfolio programs provide opportunities for students to obtain credentials in a cross-disciplinary academic area of inquiry while they are completing the requirements of a Master’s degree program. Additional information is available from the graduate adviser.