Degree Requirements

Master of Science in Management

The Master of Science in Management degree is offered in three options: with thesis, with report, and without thesis or report. Depending on the option chosen, between thirty and thirty-six semester hours of credit are required.  All coursework must be logically related and must be approved by the Department of Management Graduate Studies Committee.

Doctor of Philosophy

All students take core and elective courses in the Department of Management that cover organization science, strategy, and research methods topics. Students must also complete at least two courses outside management.

A key objective in the student’s development as a scholar is writing papers that will be published in top tier academic journals. Students will be required to write and present a first-year paper. The quality of the student’s work on the project is a factor in judging the student’s progress in the degree program.

Students take the comprehensive examination, which assesses their knowledge of research methodology and of the field of management, at the end of the second year. They then undertake dissertation research as described in Degree Requirements. A well-prepared student generally completes the degree in five years.