Degree Requirements

The Master of Arts degree is offered in two options: with thesis and no thesis. The thesis option requires at least 36 semester hours of credit; the option without thesis, at least 36 hours. Advertising 382, 382J, 385, 387, and 391K are required. All students must also complete at least six semester hours in a minor area of study, such as marketing, sociology, anthropology, journalism, psychology, or English. No more than nine semester hours of upper-division coursework may be counted toward the degree. These courses must be approved by the graduate adviser.

The program is flexible, allowing students to focus on their specific interests through elective and minor coursework. Most students complete the program in 21 months.

Option II. The Master of Arts is offered both in a traditional format and in the Option II format. Option II provides a planned program of study that includes intensive summer work and special internationally focused enrichment opportunities. It gives students enrolled in participating academic programs access to a multinational and global experience. Option II students must complete a master’s report.

Dual Degree Programs

The Department of Advertising offers the following dual degree programs in cooperation with other divisions of the University. More information is available from the graduate adviser in each program.

Areas of Study Degree(s)
Business administrationMaster of Business Administration
Public affairsMaster of Public Affairs