Degree Requirements

With the approval of the Graduate Studies Committee and the graduate dean, work toward the major may be divided among two or more areas in communication. To be counted toward the degree, all coursework in the major must be at the graduate level and must be completed with a grade of at least B. Students in the master’s degree program must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of coursework, including a thesis, or a minimum of 33 semester hours, including a report. Doctoral students normally complete all requirements in four or five years of graduate study. Individual study programs must be arranged in consultation with the graduate adviser.

Dual Degree Programs

The Department of Communication Studies offers the following dual degree programs in cooperation with other divisions of the University. More information is available from the graduate adviser in each program.

Field(s) of Study Degree(s)
Business administrationMaster of Business Administration
Latin American studiesMaster of Arts
Public affairsMaster of Public Affairs