Degree Requirements

Master of Arts

The Master of Arts usually requires 30 semester hours of graduate coursework, although additional courses may be required to make up deficiencies.

Master of Fine Arts

The Master of Fine Arts is available only in video and film production or in writing for film and television. Information about the program is given in the Radio-Television-Film section.

Doctor of Philosophy

The doctoral program cannot be defined in terms of a specific number of hours of credit, although a few core requirements may be stated. Beyond these core courses, the student is required to select a major area of study, to take courses recommended by an advisory committee in this area, and to pursue coursework in one or more supporting fields. The graduate programs in the college work closely together in the coordination of courses for the doctoral degrees in communication. Supporting fields are most commonly in the social and behavioral sciences, business, education, and linguistics, but the student may suggest other fields.

Core requirements include graduate courses in communication theory and research methodology specified by the departments. Foreign language or substitute research tool requirements are specified by Graduate Studies Committees. Students should consult the program’s graduate adviser for specific requirements.

Doctor of Audiology

The college offers the Doctor of Audiology (AuD) through the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. Information about the program is given in Communication Studies Degree Requirements.