Degree Requirements

Master of Science in Engineering

There are generally three options under which a student may pursue the MSEME degree. Most students follow the thesis option, which requires thirty semester hours of credit, including six hours in the thesis course. Students who are appointed as teaching assistants or research assistants are expected to choose the thesis option. Except for students in manufacturing and decision systems engineering (MDSE), the report option requires thirty-three semester hours, including three hours in the report course; the MDSE concentration requires thirty-six hours, including three in the report course. The option without thesis or report requires thirty-six hours of coursework. At least eighteen hours (including the thesis or report, if any) should be in the major area; at least six hours should be in a supporting area. The supporting courses may be in mechanical engineering but must represent a specialty distinct from the major courses. Some areas of study have required core courses.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering also offers an online MSEME degree program designed for working professionals. Students may complete the thirty-hour program in two years. Courses are taught online by faculty in the Department of Mechanical Engineering to the same standards as the traditional MSEME program. The online program is administered by the Cockrell School of Engineering’s Texas Engineering Executive Education, which publishes additional information.

Doctor of Philosophy

The student must pass a qualifying examination consisting of either: a) an examination administered by faculty members in the area of specialty, or b) a written examination administered by the department, followed by an oral examination administered by a faculty committee formed by the student's faculty adviser. After passing the qualifying examination, the student applies for candidacy by submitting a Program of Work that includes a proposed dissertation topic and a suggested dissertation committee. The dissertation committee recommends courses to be taken as part of the Program of Work, which should include at least eighteen hours (for students with a master’s degree) or thirty-six hours (for students without a master’s degree) of graduate coursework in the area of specialization. This coursework must be taken on the letter-grade basis. The Program of Work must be approved by the chair of the Graduate Studies Committee. Application for candidacy must be submitted before the student completes fifty hours of credit toward the doctoral degree.

Dual Degree Program

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers the following dual degree program in cooperation with the McCombs School of Business. More information is available from the graduate adviser in each program.

Field(s) of Study Degree(s)
Business administrationMaster of Business Administration

Graduate Certificate in Engineering Education

The Center for Engineering Education, in conjunction with the Department of Mechanical Engineering, administers a graduate certificate program in engineering education. The program is open to current graduate students at the University of Texas and requires completion of sixteen hours of coursework. The graduate certificate will only be awarded at the time of degree conferral. Details on the certificate program are available on the Cockrell School of Engineering website.