Identity Management and Security

Master of Science in Identity Management and Security

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Facilities for Graduate Work

Facilities for students in the School of Information include an Information Technology Laboratory, two computer classrooms, conservation and preservation laboratories, a video-editing suite, multimedia teaching stations in all classrooms, access to a usability and accessibility laboratory, an information retrieval and crowdsourcing lab, and a digital archeology lab, a computer vision lab, and a virtual reality lab. Students have access to advanced computer equipment and software for instructional and research use, including 3-D printing and fabrication, supplementing the school’s physical and wireless network and computer facilities. Students receive a full-service Internet account and have access to various computer operating systems, such as Macintosh, Windows, and Linux.

Areas of Study

The Master of Science in Identity Management and Security at the School of Information and the Center for Identity educates professionals who engage identity management and security at all levels of responsibility. The School of Information and the Center for Identity manage the program and cooperate in its planning and execution. The degree program offers a holistic, interdisciplinary curriculum ensuring that professionals from multiple market sectors, roles, and levels of responsibility acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be effective stewards of Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Graduates of the program will be leaders of technological, policy, legal, and societal initiatives to advance identity management, security, and privacy.

The two-year executive program provides graduate education for professionals while they continue their careers, as well as others with an interest in identity security and privacy. Classes meet on one Friday and Saturday each month for six semesters. Students complete either a Professional Experience and Project (PEP) or a master’s report under the guidance of external experts or program faculty members in their sixth semester. Students may participate in classes on campus or via distance learning, using synchronous online technologies. All students are required to attend a one-week program orientation on campus before beginning their first semester.

The Master of Science in Identity Management and Security uses the depth and breadth of expertise that exists both within the School of Information and within the academic units the School collaborates with at The University of Texas at Austin in order to provide an interdisciplinary program that addresses all aspects of identity information management and security. Coursework includes courses in technology, law, public policy, communications, social and cultural perspectives on identity, and business.

Graduate Studies Committee

The following faculty members served on the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) in the spring 2020 semester.

Paul C Adams
Dawna Ballard
Suzanne Barber
Randolph G Bias
Philip Doty
Kenneth Robert Fleischmann
Matthew S McGlone
Huseyin Tanriverdi