Admission and Degree Requirements

Master of Science in Identity Management and Security

A student seeking to enter the Master of Science in Identity Management and Security (MSIMS) program must submit an application for admission to The University of Texas at Austin Graduate School. The applicant must also supply satisfactory letters of reference from three persons attesting to the applicant’s scholarly ability, character, and professional promise, as well as a current resume. Find more information on admission procedures here.

Facility in the use of computers and networked communication is essential in professional work in information studies, particularly in identity management and security. Students’ existing facility will be substantially supplemented through coursework in the iSchool, but prior knowledge of computer applications is important to success in the program. In addition to classroom and lab instruction, computer and Internet application tutorials are available online.

Students in the MSIMS program must complete 30 hours of required coursework, including either a three-hour Professional Experience and Project (PEP), under Identity Management and Security 388L, or a three-hour master’s report, Identity Management and Security 398R. The PEP or master’s report will be undertaken during the student’s final semester in the program and the report will be overseen by a supervisor and (second) reader. The supervisor of the report must be a member of the MSIMS Graduate Studies Committee. The reader may be a tenured or tenure-track faculty member in any field of study at The University of Texas at Austin or other qualified person as determined by the MSIMS GSC and The University of Texas Graduate School.  By University rule, the student must submit the report in approved electronic format to the Office of Graduate Studies, and all reports are retained by the University Libraries and made publicly available through the Texas Digital Library. Students must submit all reports digitally, adhering to the University's formatting guidelines as published by the Graduate School. 

Applicants for MSIMS degree candidacy are required to have an overall grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.00 in their MSIMS coursework.  Identity Management and Security courses to be listed on the Application for Degree Candidacy may not be taken on the credit/no credit basis, with the exception of  Identity Management and Security 388L, Professional Experience and Project, and Identity Management and Security 398R, Master's Report.