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Master of Science in Economics
Doctor of Philosophy

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Campus address: Bernard and Audre Rapoport Building (BRB) 1.116, phone (512) 471-3211, fax (512) 471-3510; campus mail code: C3100

Mailing address: The University of Texas at Austin, Graduate Program, Department of Economics, 2225 Speedway Stop C3100, Austin TX 78712


Areas of Study

The Department of Economics offers graduate study and research in the core areas of microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics and in a broad selection of applied areas. Current area offerings are listed in the department’s handbook.

Graduate Studies Committee

The following faculty members served on the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) in the spring 2020 semester.

Jason Ira Abrevaya
Daniel A Ackerberg
Manuela Angelucci
Jorge Francisco Balat
Venkataraman Bhaskar
Saroj Bhattarai
Christoph Boehm
Svetlana Boyarchenko
Marika Cabral
Olivier Coibion
Stephen Donald
Stefano M Eusepi
Michael L Geruso
Sukjin Han
Brendan Andrew Kline
Leigh L Linden
Dayanand Manoli
Eugenio Javier Miravete
Andreas I Mueller
Richard Murphy
Gerald S Oettinger
Nitya Pandalai-nayar
Aysegul Sahin
David S Sibley
Vasiliki Skreta
Daniel T Slesnick
Dean E Spears
Dale O Stahl II
Maxwell B Stinchcombe
Caroline Desiree Thomas
Robert Town
Stephen J Trejo
Thomas E Wiseman
Haiqing Xu

Admission Requirements

Applicants may apply directly to the PhD and Master of Arts (Option III) degree programs. Admission to the Master of Arts (Option I) degree program is restricted to students who are currently pursuing graduate study in economics or another related field. Admission to the PhD program requires significant prior training in economics and mathematics. Admission to the Master of Arts (Option III) program requires sufficient prior training in mathematics. Undergraduate coursework in economics is strongly encouraged. The department’s handbook describes the requirements for both programs in detail.