Degree Requirements

Master of Arts

A total of 30 semester hours of coursework is required. Details are available from the graduate adviser.

As preparation for the English graduate program, a strong undergraduate background in British and American literature and language is desirable, as well as advanced coursework in related fields.

Master of Fine Arts (in Creative Writing)

The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree is offered in creative writing. Students choose to write either fiction or poetry. A total of 54 semester hours of coursework is required during the three-year program of study. As a part of the program of study, students work as teaching assistants for undergraduate literature and creative writing courses. Students complete the MFA degree program with a successful master’s thesis displaying their talent and craft as fiction writers or poets.

Doctor of Philosophy

To enter the doctoral degree program, all students must pass an early career review which focuses on their graduate coursework and their performance as teachers. Students must pass the review at the end of the spring semester of the second year of graduate study.

Students advance to candidacy for the doctoral degree after completing a minimum of 39 hours of formal coursework, including the hours completed before the early career review; certifying their foreign language competency, and passing both the third year examination and the prospectus examination. Specific details about each requirement are available from the graduate adviser.

Dual Degree Programs

The Department of English offers the following dual degree programs in cooperation with other divisions of the University. More information is available from the graduate adviser in each program.

Field(s) of Study Degree(s)
Information StudiesMaster of Science in Information Studies