Degree Requirements

Graduate handbook information is updated and maintained by each program. Graduate handbooks are available within each program's office and online at Please contact the program with concerns or questions.

Master of Arts

The Master of Arts Option III degree program is designed for students pursuing a terminal master’s degree in human dimensions of organizations.  Students are required to take 36-hours of coursework, which are offered in a prescribed sequence. Each semester begins with an intensive week of study on the University campus, followed by twice-monthly classes on both Friday evenings and Saturdays. The degree is offered in a coursework-only option and culminates with the completion of a capstone project, which should apply to a challenge facing a specific organization. All courses required for program completion are offered in accordance with University policies that govern non-formula-funded (Option III) programs. Applicants admitted to the program must submit a nonrefundable pre-enrollment tuition fee (deposit) of $1,500 to secure enrollment in the program.