Degree Requirements

Master of Science in Neuroscience

The master's degree program is only granted under special circumstances. The student must have approval of the graduate advisor and director. 

Doctor of Philosophy

Students must complete a core curriculum that includes Neuroscience 382T, Principles of Neuroscience I; Neuroscience 383T, Principles of Neuroscience II; a statistics course; an ethics course; four graduate elective courses in neuroscience; and a graduate seminar in neuroscience. A qualifying exam is taken at the beginning of the second year in which the student prepares a written literature review and defends it before an examining committee made up of Institute for Neuroscience faculty members who are experts in the relevant scientific areas. All eligible students must submit a predoctoral fellowship application by the end of their third year of study, and all students must serve as a teaching assistant for at least one undergraduate or graduate course.

Dual Degree Program

Doctor of Philosophy/Doctor of Medicine

The graduate program in neuroscience participates in a dual degree program with the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB). Applicants must apply separately to and be admitted to both the PhD program in neuroscience at The University of Texas at Austin and the medical school at UTMB; this program is not accepting new applications. Students accepted into the dual degree program spend their first two years in the medical school at UTMB, followed by three to four years of doctoral work at The University of Texas at Austin and 18 months of clinical rotations. The degrees are conferred separately by each institution. Additional information may be found at the MD-PhD dual degree program website