Degree Requirements

Pharmacy Graduate Studies 196S, Seminar in Pharmacy is required of all graduate students in pharmacy and is taught every fall and spring in each division. This requirement may be waived for a specific semester by the Graduate Studies Committee for sufficient reason upon petition by the student’s major professor. No more than two semester hours of credit earned in this course are counted toward the number of hours required in master’s degree programs.

Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences. The Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences is offered with a specialization in health outcomes; it is also offered with residency or fellowship training in managed care, pharmacotherapy or pharmacy practice. 

Doctor of Philosophy. The student selects a major professor who will supervise the qualifying examinations, act as chair of the dissertation committee, and assist with selection of suitable dissertation committee members. Upon completion of the qualifying examinations, an application is forwarded to the Graduate Studies Committee and the graduate adviser, who then recommends to the graduate dean whether the student should be admitted to doctoral candidacy. After admission to doctoral candidacy, the student must enroll in the dissertation course each fall and spring semester.