Science and Technology Management

Science and engineering technology enterprises have a great demand for managers who are not only skilled at business, but who also understand the principles underlying the science, technology, and engineering ventures they must manage. To fill this need, the program of study for the BBA in science and technology management provides a sound foundation in mathematics, in science, and in business, qualifying the student for more advanced study in the management of technological, engineering, and scientific enterprises.

Students work closely with the faculty advisor in the Department of Information, Risk, and Operations Management.

All students must take the courses listed below, with a minimum of 48 semester hours in the McCombs School of Business. Prerequisites for all courses are given in this catalog. Other requirements of the Cockrell School of Engineering must also be fulfilled.

The requirements of this program are:

  1. The Core Curriculum requirements and the BBA Degree Requirements, with the specification that:
    1. Students in this program must complete Mathematics 408C (may fulfill the quantitative reasoning flag) and 408D; or 408K (may fulfill the quantitative reasoning flag), 408L, and 408M.
  2. Operations Management 337 (Topic 5: Project Management);
  3. One of the following four business blocks:
    1. General Business Block: Accounting 329, either Finance 374C or Finance 374S, and either Management 374 or Management Information Systems 375 (both may fulfill the writing and independent inquiry flags), whichever course is not used to fulfill requirement 4 below;
    2. Finance Business Block: Finance 367, Finance 374C or Finance 374S, and one other upper-division Finance course;
    3. Supply Chain Management Business Block: Operations Management 368, 338, and one other upper-division Operations Management course;
    4. Management Information Systems Business Block: Three upper-division Management Information Systems courses; or Management Information Systems 304 and two upper-division Management Information Systems courses.
  4. Either Management 374 (may fulfill the writing and independent inquiry flags) or Management Information Systems 375 (may fulfill the writing and independent inquiry flags);
  5. Nonbusiness courses:
    1. ​​Chemistry 301 (may fulfill the quantitative reasoning flag); Chemistry 301 also fulfills part II of the core curriculum science and technology requirement;
    2. Physics 303K, 303L (both may fulfill the quantitative reasoning flag), 103M, and 103N; the physics sequence also fulfills part I of the core curriculum science and technology requirement;
    3. Mathematics 427J (may fulfill the quantitative reasoning flag).
  6. Engineering courses:
    1. Engineering Mechanics 306, or Mechanical Engineering 320 or 310T;
    2. Electrical Engineering 302 and 306;
    3. One of the following courses: Aerospace Engineering 374K, Operations Research and Industrial Engineering 374, or Engineering Studies 377E.
  7. This major requires 121 hours for degree completion.