Suggested Arrangement of Courses

First Year
First TermHoursSecond TermHours 
CH 3013CH 3023 
GEO 3033M 408D4 
M 408C4PHY 303K3 
RHE 3063PHY 103M1 
UGS 302 or 3033PGE 333T3 
 American history3 
 16 17
Second Year
First TermHoursSecond TermHours 
GEO 416K4E M 3193 
GEO 416M4PGE 3103 
E M 3063PGE 4274 
M 427J4PGE 3263 
 PHY 303L3 
 PHY 103N1 
 15 17
Third Year
First TermHoursSecond TermHoursSummer TermHours
GEO 476K4C E 3573GEO 376L3
PGE 322K3GEO 420K4 
PGE 323K3PGE 323L3 
PGE 4244PGE 3583 
Social and behavioral sciences3American government3 
 17 16 3
Fourth Year
First TermHoursSecond TermHours 
GEO 4284PGE 373L3 
GEO 376S3Geoscience technical elective3 
PGE 3653American government3 
Engineering technical elective3American history3 
E 316L, 316M, 316N, or 316P3Visual and performing arts3 
 16 15
Total credit hours: 132