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In addition to the requirements below, biology majors must complete Mathematics 408C or 408N, Chemistry 301 or 301H, 302 or 302H, and 204; and one of the following: (1) Chemistry 220C, 320M, and 320N; (2) eight hours of coursework in physics, including laboratory work; or (3) six hours of coursework in computer science, including at least three hours of upper-division work.


The following coursework is required:

  1. Either Biology 311C, 311D, and 325 or Biology 315H and 325H.
  2. Biology 206L or 208L.
  3. Six semester hours in core biology courses, consisting of three hours in each of the following areas.
    1. Cellular, developmental, and molecular biology: Biology 320, 344, 349.
    2. Ecology and evolution: Biology 357, 370, 373.
  4. Eighteen additional semester hours of coursework, consisting of three hours in each of the following six areas. No course may be counted toward more than one of the six areas in requirement 4. No course may be counted toward both requirement 3 and requirement 4. The courses counted toward requirement 4 must include at least three laboratory courses.
    1. Cellular, developmental, and molecular biology: Biology 320, 320L, 323L, 325L, 325T, 226L, 326R, 328D, 330, 230L, 331L, 332, 333, 335, 336, 339, 339M, 344, 347, 349, 349L, 350M, 360K, 160L, 366366R368L,Biochemistry 369, Neuroscience 366L366S.
    2. Physiology and neurobiology: Biology 322, 122L, 328, 329, 129L, 336, 339, 345, 345E, 359K, 359R, 360K, 160L, 361, 361L, 361T365N365S165U371L, 371M, Neuroscience 365D, 365L, 365R, 365T, 365W, and 366C.
    3. Ecology and evolution: Biology 328M, 321L, 340L, 448L, 351, 352, 453L, 354L, 455L, 456L, 357, 359J364, 369L, 370, 471G, 373, 373L, 375, Marine Science 352C, 354Q.
    4. Animal biology: Biology 321L, 438L, 340L, 346, 446L, 448L, 453L, 354L, 455L, 359J, 359K, 359R, 361T, 365S, 369L, 371L, 478L, Marine Science 354, 354C.
    5. Plant biology: Biology 322, 122L, 324 and 124L, 327 and 127L, 328, 328D, 350M, 351, 352374 and 174L, Marine Science 352D.
    6. Microbiology: Biology 226L, 326R, 329, 129L, 330, 230L, 333, 339, 364, Marine Science 354E.

Students must earn a grade of at least C- in each mathematics and science course required for the degree, and a grade point average in these courses of at least 2.00.