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  1. Mathematics:
    1. Mathematics 408C or 408N.
    2. Statistics and Data Sciences 328M.
  2. Primary science:
    1. Biology 206L or 208L; 311C, 311D, and 325, or 315H and 325H.
    2. One of the following: Biology 320 or 344.
    3. One of the following: Biology 370 or 373.
    4. Nine additional semester hours, including three hours each from three of the four following areas. Courses used to satisfy requirement b or c may not also be used to satisfy requirement d. Of the nine semester hours chosen, at least one approved laboratory course must be completed. These courses are marked with an asterisk. Biology 377 may count with approval of the undergraduate adviser.
      1. Animal Biology: Biology 321L*, 438L*, 340L*, 347, 349, 448L*, 353F*, 453L*, 354L*, 455L*, 359J, 359K, 359R, 361T, 365S369F*,  369L*,  371L*, 478L*, Marine Science 354 and 354C, and Neuroscience 365R, 366L*, 366S.
      2. Ecology and Evolution: Biology 357, 456L*, 370, 373, 375, and Marine Science 320, 120L*, 352C.
      3. Molecular Genetics and Microbiology: Biology 320, 325L*, 326M, 326R, 226L*,327D, 344, 366R, Biochemistry 369, and Marine Science 354E.
      4. Plant Biology: Biology 322 and 122L*, 324 and 124L*, 327 and 127L*, 328, 328D*, 350M, 351, 352, 374 and 174L*, and Marine Science 352D.
  3. Secondary science:
    1. Chemistry 301 or 301H, 302 or 302H, and 204.
    2. Six additional semester hours of majors-level coursework chosen from astronomy, biology, chemistry, computer science, environmental science, geological sciences, mathematics, marine science, neuroscience, nutrition, public health, physics, statistics and data sciences, and systems biology.