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College of Natural Sciences

Interdisciplinary science
Option I: Middle grades teaching in mathematics and scienceBSIntrdscSci
Department of Astronomy
AstronomyBA, BSA
Option I: AstronomyBSAst
Option II: Astronomy honorsBSAst
School of Biological Sciences
Biological sciences
Option I: Biological sciencesBSEnviroSci
Option II: Biological sciences honorsBSEnviroSci
BiologyBA, BSA
Option I: Ecology, evolution, and behaviorBSBio
Option II: Human biologyBSBio
Option III: Marine and freshwater biologyBSBio
Option IV: Microbiology and infectious diseasesBSBio
Option V: Cell and molecular biologyBSBio
Option VI: NeurobiologyBSBio
Option VII: Plant biologyBSBio
Option VIII: TeachingBSBio
Option IX: Biology honorsBSBio
Option X: Computational biologyBSBio
Medical laboratory scienceBSMedLabSci
Public health
Option I: Public healthBSPublicHealth
Option II: Public health honorsBSPublicHealth
Option III: Advanced programBSPublicHealth
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
BiochemistryBA, BSA
Option I: BiochemistryBSBioch
Option II: Systems and synthetic biologyBSBioch
Option III: Biochemistry honorsBSBioch
ChemistryBA, BSA
Option I: ChemistryBSCh
Option II: ComputationBSCh
Option III: TeachingBSCh
Option IV: Chemistry honorsBSCh
Department of Computer Science
Computer scienceBA, BSA
Computer science
Option I: Computer scienceBSCS
Option II: Turing Scholars honorsBSCS
Option III: Computer science honorsBSCS
Option IV: Integrated approachBSCS and MSCS
Option V: Teaching (senior grades)BSCS
School of Human Ecology
Human ecologyBA, BSA
Textiles and apparel
Option I: Apparel design and conservationBSTA
Option II: Retail merchandisingBSTA
Option III: Textiles and apparel honorsBSTA
Department of Human Development and Family Sciences
Human development and family sciencesBSA
Human development and family sciences
Option I: Early childhoodBSHDFS
Option II: Human developmentBSHDFS
Option III: Families and personal relationshipsBSHDFS
Option IV: Families and societyBSHDFS
Option V: Human development and family sciences honorsBSHDFS
Option VI: Honors in advanced human development and family sciencesBSHDFS
Department of Nutritional Sciences
Option I: DieteticsBSNtr
Option II: Nutritional sciencesBSNtr
Option III: Nutrition in businessBSNtr
Option IV: Honors in advanced nutritional sciencesBSNtr
Option V: Nutrition honorsBSNtr
Option VI: International nutritionBSNtr
Department of Mathematics
MathematicsBA, BSA
Option I: Actuarial scienceBSMath
Option II: Applied mathematicsBSMath
Option III: Mathematical sciencesBSMath
Option IV: Pure mathematicsBSMath
Option V: TeachingBSMath
Option VI: Mathematics honorsBSMath
Department of Physics
PhysicsBA, BSA
Option I: PhysicsBSPhy
Option II: ComputationBSPhy
Option III: Radiation physicsBSPhy
Option IV: Space sciencesBSPhy
Option V: TeachingBSPhy
Option VI: Physics honorsBSPhy
Option VII: BiophysicsBSPhy