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Returned Checks

When a check or an electronic payment (referred to in this section as a check) is returned to the University, a $25 service charge is assessed. The student has ten days from the date of the notice to make full payment by cash, credit card, cashier’s check, or money order. Failure to comply will result in refusal by the University to accept future personal checks. If the returned check was for the tuition bill or to clear a registration bar, the student’s registration will be canceled; a service charge of $25 and a late charge, if applicable, are assessed for all other returned checks.

The University will not accept a check from an individual who previously had a registration canceled because of a returned check; who wrote a bad check to clear a bar; who, after writing a bad check, was not responsive to requests for payment; or who habitually writes bad checks, even though restitution is made promptly. Once a student is barred from writing a personal check, the bar remains in place for at least one year. After the year has passed, the student may submit an appeal to the Returned Check Section of the Office of Accounting to have the bar lifted.

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