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Legal Services for Students

Legal Services for Students offers currently enrolled students advice, representation, access to mediation, free notary services, and referrals for legal issues. These services are available by appointment; which may be made either online or in person. No fees are charged for advice, referral, or general assistance, but payment of court costs and other trial related expenses may be required if the office agrees to handle a student’s case. The office reserves the right to accept or decline any individual case and to determine the type of legal representation that it will provide.

Representation may be provided in most civil legal matters. Representation may also be provided in misdemeanor criminal matters, unless the student is alleged to have committed the crime against another currently enrolled student, the case involves a repeat offense, or if the detention and/or arrest involve the University of Texas at Austin Police Department. Cases normally accepted for representation include, but are not limited to, landlord-tenant disputes, consumer protection matters, claims resulting from automobile accidents, employment disputes, expunctions, credit card complaints, and auto repair matters. The office also prepares wills for simple estates. The attorneys are also available to speak to University classes and organizations upon request.

Legal Services for Students will not advise or represent students regarding disputes against the University or any of its entities, student-owned businesses (including if the student is a landlord), complex wills, immigration matters, medical malpractice, tax law, patent law, legal advice for a matter in which the student is not directly involved, or if the adverse party is also a currently enrolled University student. Consultation, but not representation, is available in the following instances: felony criminal matters, family law, cases that may be litigated outside of Travis County, significant fee-generating cases, name changes, towing cases, and copyright issues.

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