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Option I: General Geology

  1. Mathematics 408C and 408D; or 408K, 408L, and 408M. Mathematics 408C or 408K also meets the mathematics requirement of the core curriculum. Algebra courses at the level of Mathematics 301 or the equivalent may not be counted toward the total number of semester hours required for the degree.
  2. Physics 301, 101L, 316, and 116L; or Physics 303K, 103M, 303L, and 103N.
  3. Chemistry 301, 302, and 204. Together, the courses that meet requirements 2 and 3 also meet parts I and II of the science and technology requirement of the core curriculum.
  4. Geological Sciences 401 or 303, 404C or 405, 416K, 416M, 420K, 426P, 428, 660 (completed in residence), and enough additional approved upper-division coursework in geological sciences to make a total of fifty-two semester hours.
  5. Twelve semester hours chosen from a list of approved courses in aerospace engineering, architectural engineering, astronomy, biology, chemical engineering, chemistry, civil engineering, computer science, engineering mechanics, geography, marine science, mathematics, mechanical engineering, petroleum and geosystems engineering, and physics. Geological Sciences 325K may also be counted toward requirement 5.
    This requirement is intended to function as an unspecified minor. Courses used to fulfill the requirement do not have to be taken in the same field of study, but they should form a self-reinforcing sequence related to geological sciences. Courses not on the list of approved courses will be considered upon petition to the Jackson School of Geoscience Student Services Office.
  6. Enough additional coursework to make a total of 126 semester hours.