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Option V: Teaching

This option is designed to fulfill the course requirements for composite science certification as a middle grades or secondary school teacher in Texas with geological sciences as the primary teaching field; composite certification requires twenty-four semester hours of coursework in the primary field, twelve hours in a second field, and six hours each in two additional fields.

Completion of the required courses does not guarantee teacher certification. To graduate and be recommended for certification, the student must have a cumulative University grade point average of at least 2.50 and must pass the final teaching portfolio review. Information about the portfolio review and additional certification requirements is available from the UTeach-Natural Sciences academic adviser.

  1. In place of the foreign language requirement, either two years of high school coursework in a single foreign language or course 506 (or the equivalent) in a foreign language.
  2. Mathematics 408C. This course also meets the mathematics requirement of the core curriculum. Algebra courses at the level of Mathematics 301 or the equivalent may not be counted toward the total number of semester hours required for the degree.
  3. History 329U or Philosophy 329U.
  4. Geological Sciences 401 or 303, 404C or 405, 416K, 416M, 420K or 320L, 335, and enough additional upper-division coursework in geological sciences to make a total of at least twenty-eight semester hours.
  5. To meet the requirements of composite certification, the student must complete the following courses. In meeting this requirement, the student also fulfills parts I and II of the science and technology requirement of the core curriculum.
    1. Biology 311C and 311D
    2. Chemistry 301 and 302
    3. Physics 302K, 102M, 302L, and 102N; or 301, 101L, 316, and 116L; or an equivalent sequence
    4. Enough additional approved coursework in biology, chemistry, or physics to provide the required twelve semester hours in a second field
  6. Biology 337 (Topic 2: Research Methods: UTeach), Chemistry 368 (Topic 1: Research Methods: UTeach), or Physics 341 (Topic 7: Research Methods: UTeach).
  7. Astronomy 303, 307, or 367M; and Marine Science 307.
  8. Eighteen semester hours of professional development coursework, with a grade of at least C- in each course: Curriculum and Instruction 650S, UTeach-Natural Sciences 101, 110, 350, 355, 360170.
  9. For students seeking middle grades certification, the following coursework with a grade of at least C- in each course: Educational Psychology 363M (Topic 3: Adolescent Development), or Psychology 301 and 304; and Curriculum and Instruction 339E.
  10. Enough additional coursework to make a total of 128 semester hours.