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Religious Studies


Thirty semester hours of religious studies coursework, of which at least eighteen hours must be upper-division. A single course may not be counted toward more than one of the following requirements. The thirty hours of coursework must include

  1. In each of the following areas, at least three semester hours chosen from a list of courses available from the religious studies adviser:
    1. Area I: Religions of Asia
    2. Area II: Religions of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
    3. Area III: Religions of the Americas
    4. Area IV: Approaches to the study of religion and comparative studies of religion
  2. Primary area: Six additional hours of upper-division coursework in one of these four areas chosen in consultation with the religious studies adviser
  3. Religious Studies 375S, Advanced Seminars in Religious Studies

Minor for Religious Studies Majors

Twelve semester hours, including at least six hours of upper-division coursework, in any one other field of study in the University. Six of the required twelve semester hours must be taken in residence. If the minor is in a foreign language other than that used to fulfill the foreign language requirement, the twelve hours may be lower-division but must include at least six hours beyond course 507 or the equivalent.