Optional Fees

Students may select the following optional fees when they register. Those who select an optional fee for the fall semester pay the academic year rate. The spring semester rate is available only during the spring semester.

Analecta fee. The fee of $12 entitles the student to a copy of Analecta, the University’s literary and arts journal, published annually by the Senate of College Councils and the journal’s editorial and readers staff. Each issue includes works of fiction, nonfiction, drama, art, and poetry by students from the University as well as other universities worldwide. The year’s issue is mailed to the student’s permanent address upon publication.

Cactus fee. The fee of $55 entitles the student to a copy of the University yearbook.

Department of Theatre and Dance Package. The fee entitles the student to a specified number of tickets to major season productions at no additional cost as long as tickets are available. The fee is $45 for the academic year or $22.50 for the spring semester.

The Big Ticket. The Big Ticket is a single purchase, all-event ticket that buys a reserved seat to every Texas Football home game—and a simple, general admission access pass to every other UT sports regular-season home event. The Big Ticket is tied directly to the student's valid UT ID; general admission seating requires only a scan. Students may purchase The Big Ticket online for $175 (full-season package), and $100 for spring only, plus a $20 one-time transaction fee.

Parking permit fee. Class A, C, or M parking permits purchased in the fall semester enable students to park in any appropriately designated lot or area for the academic year; a permit purchased in the spring is valid through the summer session. The fee for a class C (surface student) permit is $144 for the academic year; the fee for a class M (motorcycle/moped/motor scooter) permit is $86 for the academic year. Both fees are prorated for permits purchased after September 30.

Only class C and M permits may be purchased during registration. Information about other parking permits available to students is given in Student Parking, along with more information about class C and M permits.

Texas Performing Arts Bass Pass. The fee enables a student to purchase tickets for professional touring events presented by Texas Performing Arts at a discount, as long as tickets are available. The fee is $40 for the academic year or $25 for the spring semester.

Student Speaker Series fee. The fee of $2 a semester supports the Student Endowed Centennial Lectureship. The endowment is used to bring speakers to the University to lecture, teach, or meet with students.

Optional Fee Refunds

Refunds for the Cactus yearbook may be requested at the Texas Student Media office in the William Randolph Hearst Building (also known as Hearst Student Media building).

Parking permit refunds may be requested at the Parking and Transportation Services office.

A refund for The Big Ticket is available only upon termination of enrollment with the University. No refunds will be issued after the twelfth day of class. If a student attends any athletics event before requesting a refund, then only a pro-rated portion of The Big Ticket will be refunded.