Quantity of Work Rule

A law student may take no more than sixteen semester hours a semester. In rare situations, the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs may, for good cause shown, permit a student to register for a maximum of seventeen hours. Law students may take courses in other schools and colleges only with the express prior permission of the dean. Normally, a student may not take a course in another school or college, except an ROTC course, in addition to the maximum load in the School of Law.

During a long-session semester, a minimum load of ten semester hours is required of all students with twenty semester hours of credit or more; a minimum load of fourteen semester hours is required of all students with fewer than twenty semester hours of credit. A student may not take less than a minimum load without special permission of the Dean.

Law students are strongly advised that they should not work while in their first year and that they should not work more than fifteen hours a week while in their second and third years.