General Information

The School of Information offers the Master of Science in Information Studies, the Master of Science in Identity Management and Security, and the Doctor of Philosophy. The Graduate Catalog provides information about these programs and the requirements for admission to graduate study.

In addition to the graduate courses described in the Graduate Catalogthe faculty has approval to offer undergraduate courses in the academic years 2016-2017 and 2017-2018. For undergraduates who are interested in a thorough introduction to information studies, the School of Information offers a Minor in Information Studies consisting of at least five three credit-hour courses, including one required course (Information Studies 304D) and at least six upper-division credits, for a total of at least fifteen semester hours. The curriculum is designed to complement many undergraduate degree programs. Students majoring in Computer Science also have the option of tailoring the Information Studies Minor sequence to focus their studies on Human-Computer Interaction. Please contact the advising office in the Department of Computer Science for details.