Refunds for Withdrawing from the University

Students who withdraw from the University receive a refund of a percentage of their tuition. The percentage varies according to the student’s effective withdrawal date.

Withdrawal refunds are based on the student’s schedule on the effective date of withdrawal; adds and drops are included in the calculation. In some cases, a student may receive two refund checks, one based on dropped courses and one based on withdrawal percentages for remaining courses.

Students withdrawn by the University because of a returned check are assessed a $25 service charge and a matriculation fee. A student withdrawn by the University for scholastic reasons, class cancellations, or other reasons receives a full refund of fees paid that semester; the matriculation fee is not charged.

A student who withdraws as a result of being called to active military service may choose to receive a tuition refund. More information is given in General Information.

A student who withdraws after receiving any cash payment from the Office of Student Financial Services may be required to make full or partial repayment. Funds received through the Federal College Work-Study Program are not subject to repayment. Students should contact the Office of Student Financial Services for information regarding repayment obligations.

Student Accounts Receivable initiates refunds for all eligible students who submit approved withdrawal petitions to the Office of the Registrar as described in General Information. A refund is issued no earlier than thirty days after the date the student paid the initial tuition bill. The refund is sent to the address specified on the withdrawal petition.