Officers of the Administration

The University of Texas at Austin

Gregory L. Fenves, PhD, President
Maurie D. McInnis, PhD, Executive Vice President and Provost
Judith Langlois, PhD, Vice President and Dean of Graduate Studies
Darrell L. Bazzell, BA, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Vice President for Development
 (vacant at time of publication)
Gregory J. Vincent, JD, EdD, Vice President for Diversity and Community Engagement
Patricia C. Ohlendorf, JD, Vice President for Legal Affairs
Daniel T. Jaffe, PhD, Vice President for Research
Soncia Reagins-Lilly, EdD, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs
Patricia L. Clubb, PhD, Vice President for University Operations
Michael Perrin, JD, Athletic Director
Christine A. Plonsky, BS, Athletic Director
Nancy A. Brazzil, BS, Deputy to the President
Harrison Keller, PhD, Deputy to the President for Strategy and Policy
Maria Arrellaga, BS, Chief Communications Officer
Gwen W. Grigsby, MPA, Associate Vice President for Governmental Relations
Carlos E. Martinez, JD, Associate Vice President for Governmental Relations


Warn Farnsworth, JD, Dean
John B. Beckworth, JD, Associate Dean, Administration and Strategic Planning
Robert M. Chesney, JD, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
William E. Forbath, PHD, JD, Associate Dean, Research
Eden E. Harrington, JD, Associate Dean, Experiential Education
Elizabeth T. Bangs, JD, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs
Lauren Fielder, JD, Assistant Dean, Graduate and International Programs
Michael G. Harvey, BA, BS, Assistant Dean, Technology
Rebecca E. Melton, JD, Assistant Dean, Alumni Relations and Development
David A. Montoya, JD, Assistant Dean, Career Services
Maria Rivera, JD, Assistant Dean, Admissions and Financial Aid
Christopher M. Roberts, Executive Director, Communications
Gregory J. Smith, JD, Assistant Dean, Continuing Legal Education
Jeffrey Toreki, BBA, Chief Business Officer 

The University of Texas System

William H. McRaven, Chancellor
David E. Daniel, PhD, Deputy Chancellor
Steven W. Leslie, PhD, Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Scott C. Kelley, EdD, Executive Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs
Raymond S. Greenberg, MD, PhD, Executive Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs
Dan Sharphorn, JD, Vice Chancellor and General Counsel
Barry McBee, JD, Vice Chancellor and Chief Governmental Relations Officer
Randa S. Safady, PhD, Vice Chancellor for External Relations
Amy Shaw Thomas, JD, Vice Chancellor for Academic and Health Affairs
William H. Shute, JD, Vice Chancellor for Federal Relations
Stephanie Bond Huie, PhD, Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives