Student Insurance

Student Health Insurance Plan

The Student Health Insurance Plan is an optional University of Texas System negotiated health insurance plan available to currently enrolled University of Texas at Austin students. Information is available by calling (512) 475-8394, by going online, or by going to the University Health Services' Cashier/Insurance Office (SSB 2.106).

International Student Health Insurance

The Student Health Insurance Plan described above is mandatory for international students; the cost is included in the student’s tuition bill each semester. International students may be eligible to waive the cost of the Student Health Insurance Plan if they are able to present to International Student and Scholar Services an alternative insurance policy that provides benefits comparable to the Student Health Insurance Plan. Additional information about international students and student health insurance is given in the International Student and Scholar Services section of this catalog.

Student Liability Insurance

Students must show evidence of student liability insurance when enrolled in field experience courses that use off-campus facilities if such facilities require the insurance.