The University of Texas Law School Foundation

Senior Life Trustees and Senior Trustees

The University of Texas Law School Foundation was founded in 1952 by Charles I. Francis, Sylvan Lang, Angus G. Wynne, Hines Baker, Dan Moody, Robert E. Hardwick, and Hugh Lamar Stone. These lawyers recognized that private support would be a critical need in order for the School of Law to achieve its full potential. The charge of the foundation was then, as it is today, to further legal education, legal research, financial assistance to deserving students, and the overall mission of the law school.

The Foundation's board of trustees oversees the management of over $127 million in invested endowed funds and the development of fundraising strategies and programs. An additional $98 million in endowed funds is managed by The University of Texas Investment Management Company (UTIMCO) and administered by the University for the benefit of the School of Law. The board also works in cooperation with the University Development Board for the advancement of the general welfare of the University as a whole.

Board of Trustees

University of Texas Law School Foundation Trustees Fiscal Year 2016

Mr. Robin C. GibbsChairman
Mr. S. Jack Balagia, Jr.Vice Chair, Development
Mr. Del WilliamsVice Chair, Administration
Ms. Marcia E. BackusThe Honorable Jane Bland
Ms. Susan L. BlountMs. Nina Cortell
Mr. Dee J. Kelly, Jr.The Honorable Ron Kirk
Mr. Edward S. KnightMs. Ann Lents
Ms. Janiece M. LongoriaMr. Neal Manne
Mr. Mike McKool, Jr.Mr. Richard W. Mithoff
Ms. Carrin F. PatmanMs. Sandra L. Phillips
Mr. Barrett H. ReasonerMr. Reagan Reaud
Mr. Reagan W. SilberMr. David D. Sterling
Mr. Robert L. StillwellMr. Stephen D. Susman
Mr. Scott Wulfe
Life Members
Mr. E. William BarnettThe Honorable Kay Bailey Hutchison
Mr. Joe R. LongMr. John H. Massey
Mr. Jon P. NewtonMr. Harry M. Reasoner

Ex-Officio Trustees

Mr. Scott J. Atlas
Ms. Arleas Upton Kea

Senior Life Trustees and Senior Trustees

Senior Life Trustees
Mr. John L. EstesMr. Wales H. Madden, Jr.
Mr. J. Mark McLaughlinMr. C. Kenneth Roberts
Senior Trustees
Ms. Linda L. AddisonMr. Hector DeLeon
The Honorable Rodney G. EllisMr. George M. Fleming
Mr. H. Lee GodfreyMr. Robert C. Grable
The Honorable Wallace B. JeffersonThe Honorable Thomas G. Loeffler
Mr. Eduardo Rodriguez

Trustees Emeritus

Mr. David J. BeckMr. John B. Beckworth
Mr. Ruben R. CardenasMr. John R. Castle
Mr. George C. ChapmanMr. Joseph A. Cialone
Ms. Sylvia A. de LeonMr. James V. Derrick
Mr. Joseph C. DilgMs. Michelle P. Goolsby
Mr. Paul W. HobbyMs. Catherine A. Lamboley
Mr. Duke R. LigonMr Gilbert I. Low
The Honorable John T. MontfordMr. Mike A. Myers
Mr. Steven B. PfeifferMr. Shannon H. Ratliff
Mr. Stephen L. TatumMr. Larry E. Temple