Degree Requirements

Five-Year Integrated Bachelor’s and Master’s Program

The Department of Computer Science offers an integrated program to enable the currently enrolled highly motivated undergraduate students with strong intellectual capacities to earn a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Master of Science in Computer Science within a five-year period. The integrated program is designed to prepare students for competitive doctoral programs and provide strong leadership skills and technical depth to students entering professional positions.

Master of Science

The Department of Computer Science offers two options for the master’s program. The thesis option requires thirty semester hours of coursework, which includes six hours in the thesis course. The option without thesis requires thirty semester hours of coursework.

Doctor of Philosophy

The Doctor of Philosophy is a research degree for students who wish to pursue research careers in academia or industry. The main goal of the doctoral program is to prepare students to do outstanding research. Doctoral students take courses that provide the foundation on which to build their research programs, and are expected to become involved in research during their first semester and continue their involvement throughout their study at the University.

Students should complete all course requirements within a three-year period and maintain a grade point average of at least 3.00 in all computer science graduate courses. After application to candidacy, students must complete at least two semesters in residence. The Doctor of Philosophy degree requires a minimum of thirty semester hours of coursework, including dissertation hours.