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CH 304K CH 304K. Chemistry in Context I. 3 Hours.

Designed for nonscience majors. Chemistry 304K and 305 form a two-semester sequence designed to fulfill the science requirement for students not majoring in science or engineering. Issues of contemporary interest and importance, such as ozone depletion and global warming, motivate the discussion; the underlying chemistry is developed as needed. Social, political, economic, and ethical implications of scientific developments and science policy are considered. Chemistry 304K addresses the nature of matter, energy, chemical reactions, and chemical thermodynamics. Not intended as preparation for Chemistry 301. Three lecture hours a week for one semester. May not be counted toward a degree in the College of Natural Sciences. Only one of the following may be counted: Chemistry 301, 301H, 304K.

Appendix A: Texas Common Course Numbering System

...1312 CH 302 CHEM 1411 CH 301 + CH...304L ECON 2302 ECO 304K EDUC 1100 EDP...