Appendix N: Student Travel Policy for International Locations

  1. Policy Statement
    It is the policy of the University of Texas at Austin to promote safe international travel for students participating in activities and/or events covered under this policy. Under this policy, the University reserves the right to cancel any international activity and/or require UT students to depart their international location due to health, safety and/or other concerns, to include academic and disciplinary misconduct. Current travel policy and Restricted Region travel information can be found on the International Office website.
  2. Scope
    This policy applies to the travel of enrolled undergraduate, graduate, or professional students attending activities and/or events (whether required or optional) that occur in an international location (including U.S. protectorates and insular areas). This policy applies to UT-affiliated student travel with or without university funding.
    The types of activities and events covered by this policy include:
  • trips organized and/or sponsored by the University of Texas at Austin that are part of or contribute to an academic course or degree program, including internships, practicums, and research;
  • academic-related international service learning, internships, practicums, research, and volunteer opportunities organized and/or sponsored by the University of Texas at Austin;
  • travel by members of a registered student organization regardless of whether or not the organization requires its student members to attend the activity or event;
  • other trips organized and/or sponsored by the University of Texas at Austin, including the activities of sponsored student organizations;
  • travel to meetings of academic-related, professional associations including conferences; and
  • official study abroad programs. 
  1. Definitions
    1. An organized event is one that is initiated, planned, and arranged by a member of the University's faculty or staff, or by the members of a sponsored student organization, and is approved by an appropriate administrator.
    2. A sponsored event or activity is one that the University endorses by supporting it financially, or by sending students to participate in it as official representatives of the University.
    3. An enrolled student is one who has been admitted to and is attending classes at the University.
    4. An appropriate administrator is a dean, department chair, or director of an administrative unit, or their delegate.
  1. Travel Authorization
    In order to assure that events or activities which involve student international travel are within the course and scope of the University's mission, and that student safety issues have been addressed, international travel undertaken pursuant to this policy must be authorized in advance by an appropriate administrator. There are two methods to obtain travel authorization:
  1. Acceptance into an officially recognized exchange, affiliate or faculty led program.
  2. Receive individual or group travel authorization through the Student Travel Policy for International Locations (STPIL). Complete the steps to obtain travel authorization as outlined by the on the International Office website. STPIL documents require the approval signature as outlined below. Once approved, the individual, organization or group may begin travel.
  3. Obtain approval to travel to a Restricted Region. Participants must comply with the requirements set forth by the International Oversight Committee (IOC). Current policy and procedure can be found on the International Office Restricted Regions website.
Participant Category Signature Required
Individual StudentDepartment Chair (and dean for Restricted Region)
Group Travel with Accompanying FacultyDepartment Chair (and dean for Restricted Region)
Registered Student OrganizationStudent Activities, Office of the Dean of Students (and dean for Restricted Region)
Sponsored Student OrganizationSponsoring Department (and dean for Restricted Region)
  1. Non-Compliance

    This applies to any individual, organization or group travel that falls within the scope of this policy. Failure or refusal to comply with this policy may result in the Dean of Students initiating disciplinary proceedings under subchapter 6-500 and/or subchapter 11-500 of the Institutional Rules

    If a faculty or staff member administratively responsible for the program fails or refuses to comply with policy directives, the International Office will inform the appropriate chair and dean. Sanctions could result in the withholding of reimbursement for travel expenses.

    If the student fails to obtain Restricted Regional approval for travel from the IOC they will not be reimbursed for costs from the sponsoring college/school department or unit.

    If the University incurs expenses on behalf of the student, faculty/staff, organization, or program, the individual or corresponding college/school, department or unit will be held financially responsible.