Admission and Registration


Admission and readmission of undergraduate students to the University is the responsibility of the director of admissions. Information about admission to the University is given in the General Information Catalog.  

Admission Policies of the School 

Students admitted to the University with deficiencies in high school units must remove them by the means prescribed in the General Information Catalog. Course credit used to remove deficiencies may not be counted toward the student’s degree. 

Integrated Program in Informatics

Admission to the integrated Bachelor of Science in Informatics or Bachelor of Arts with a major in Informatics and Master of Science in Information Studies (BSI or BA/MSIS) program is open only to undergraduate students within the School of Information at The University of Texas at Austin. It results in the awarding of a Bachelor of Science in Informatics or a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Informatics degree, followed by the Master of Science in Information Studies degree. The integrated program requires completion of a total of 150 credits: 120 hours for the BSI/BA degree program and 30 hours of graduate coursework offered by the School of Information for the MSIS degree program. Students can complete the integrated program in five academic years of full-time study. 


The General Information Catalog gives information about registration, adding and dropping courses, transfer from one division of the University to another, and auditing a course. The Course Schedule, published before registration each semester and summer session, includes registration instructions, advising locations, and the times, places, and instructors of classes. The Course Schedule and General Information Catalog are published on the registrar’s website.