Marketers help the firm discover and utilize new technological and market opportunities. Their motivation is to create strong brands and loyal customers in the ever-shifting competitive landscape. This is possible through the efforts of marketers to identify the customers with needs the firm is best positioned to meet. Marketers ensure the firm is offering customers well-designed products and services at just the right price, and makes the products available through the right distribution channels, while promoting product offerings through innovative, informative, and persuasive communications. Career opportunities in marketing exist in every industry, no matter the type and size of business.

The requirements of this program are:

  1. The Core Curriculum requirements and the BBA Degree Requirements
  2. Marketing 360 (may fulfill the quantitative reasoning flag), and 370 (may fulfill the writing and independent inquiry flags)      
  3. Twelve semester hours of upper-division coursework in marketing, or International Business 350
  4. Additional elective coursework, if necessary, to provide a total of at least 120 semester hours

Practicum course Marketing 366P may be used to satisfy a marketing elective or the BBA experiential learning requirement, but not both.

A maximum of three hours Marketing 178/278/378 can be counted towards marketing electives for a Marketing major.

For course planning, Marketing majors should carefully consider the prerequisites for Marketing 370: 90 semester hours of college coursework, including Marketing 360; credit or registration for an approved experiential learning course; and three additional semester hours of elective coursework in marketing.