Texas Common Course Numbering System

To help students transfer credit from one institution to another, Texas community colleges employ a statewide numbering system for their courses. The Texas Common Course Numbering system (TCCN) is a standard set of four-character abbreviations for academic disciplines and four-digit course numbers. The first digit of the number represents the academic level of the course (0 for subfreshman, 1 for freshman, and 2 for sophomore); the second represents the semester credit hour value of the course. Texas public universities, and some private ones, cross-reference their courses with TCCN.

Listed below are TCCN course designations and their University transfer credit evaluations. In the University's three-digit numbering system, the first digit indicates the semester credit hour value of the course. The suffixes A and B indicate the first and second parts of a course; credit for each part is half the value indicated by the first digit.

TCCN Course The University of Texas at Austin Evaluation
ACCT 2301ACC 311
ACCT 2302ACC 312
ACCT 2401ACC 4111
ACCT 2402ACC 4121
ANTH 2301ANT 301
ANTH 2302ANT 304
ANTH 2351ANT 302
ANTH 2401ANT 4011
ARAB 1411ARA 4063
ARAB 1412ARA 4073
ARAB 2311ARA 312K3,4
ARAB 2312ARA 312L3,4
ARCH 1301ARC 318K
ARCH 1302ARC 318L
ARCH 1311ARC 3086
ARTS 1301ARH 301
ARTS 1303ARH 302
ARTS 1304ARH 303
ARTS 1311ART 312C
ARTS 1312ART 313C
ARTS 1316ART 311C
ARTS 1317ART 315K
ARTS 2316ART 311K
ARTS 2323ART 316K
ARTS 2326ART 313K
ARTS 2333ART 310P
ARTS 2356ART 317K
ASTR 1103AST 103L
ASTR 1104AST 1 Lab
ASTR 1303AST 301
ASTR 1304AST 309S
ASTR 1403AST 301 + AST 103L
ASTR 1404AST 309S + AST 1 Lab
BCIS 1305MIS 310
BCIS 1405MIS 4101
BIOL 1106BIO 206LA2
BIOL 1107BIO 206LB2
BIOL 1306BIO 311C2
BIOL 1307BIO 311D2
BIOL 1308BIO 302E2
BIOL 1309BIO 302D2
BIOL 1322NTR 306
BIOL 1406BIO 311C + 106M2
BIOL 1407BIO 311D + 106N2
BIOL 1408BIO 302E + BIO 1 Lab2
BIOL 1409BIO 302D + BIO 1 Lab2
BIOL 2120BIO 1 Lab2
BIOL 2120MIC 116L4 (for Nursing students)
BIOL 2121BIO 1 Lab2
BIOL 2121MIC 119K4 (for Nursing students)
BIOL 2301+2101BIO 416K4
BIOL 2302+2102BIO 416L4
BIOL 2320BIO 3 Soph2
BIOL 2320MIC 3161,4 (for Nursing students)
BIOL 2321BIO 3 Soph2
BIOL 2321MIC 3194 (for Nursing students)
BIOL 2401BIO 416K4
BIOL 2402BIO 416L4
BIOL 2420BIO 3 Soph2 + BIO 1 Lab2
BIOL 2420MIC 3161,4 + MIC 116L4 (for Nursing students)
BIOL 2421BIO 3 Soph2 + BIO 1 Lab2
BIOL 2421MIC 3194 + MIC 119K4 (for Nursing students)
CHEM 1109CH 104M
CHEM 1111CH 104M
CHEM 1112CH 104N
CHEM 1309CH 301
CHEM 1311CH 301
CHEM 1312CH 302
CHEM 1411CH 301 + CH 104M
CHEM 1412CH 302 + CH 104N
CHEM 2123CH 110K
CHEM 2125CH 110L
CHEM 2323CH 310M4
CHEM 2325CH 310N4
CHEM 2423CH 310M4 + CH 110K
CHEM 2425CH 310N4 + CH 110L
CHIN 1411CHI 4063
CHIN 1412CHI 4073
CHIN 2311CHI 312K
CHIN 2312CHI 312L
COMM 1307J 308S
COMM 1316COM 316
COMM 2302J 301F
COMM 2366RTF 306
DANC 1151T D 112P
DANC 1241T D 212F3
DANC 1245T D 212C3
DANC 2151T D 112P
DANC 2241T D 212G3
DANC 2245T D 212D3
DRAM 1120T D 114P3
DRAM 1121T D 114P3
DRAM 1310T D 301
DRAM 1330T D 314C
DRAM 1351T D 313C
DRAM 1352T D 313D
DRAM 2120T D 114P3
DRAM 2121T D 114P3
DRAM 2331T D 314M
DRAM 2336T D 303C
DRAM 2361T D 317C
DRAM 2362T D 317D
DRAM 2366RTF 306
ECON 2301ECO 304L
ECON 2302ECO 304K
EDUC 1100EDP 1043
EDUC 1200EDP 2043
EDUC 1300EDP 304
ENGL 1301RHE 306
ENGL 1302RHE 309J
ENGL 2311RHE 317
ENGL 2321E 316L
ENGL 2322E 316L
ENGL 2323E 316L
ENGL 2326E 316M
ENGL 2327E 316M
ENGL 2328E 316M
ENGL 2331E 316N
ENGL 2332E 316N
ENGL 2333E 316N
ENGL 2341E 314L
ENGL 2351E 314V (Topic 3)
ENGR 1204M E 210
ENGR 1304M E 3101
ENGR 2301E M 306
ENGR 2302E M 311M
ENGR 2305ECE 302
ENGR 2332E M 319
ENGR 2401E M 4061
ENGR 2402E M 411M1
ENGR 2405ECE 4021
ENVR 1301GEO 302P
ENVR 1401GEO 302P + GEO 1 Lab
FREN 1411FR 406
FREN 1412FR 407
FREN 2311FR 312K
FREN 2312FR 312L
GEOG 1301GRG 301C
GEOG 1302GRG 305
GEOL 1301GEO 302K
GEOL 1302GEO 302K
GEOL 1303 + 1103GEO 401
GEOL 1304 + 1104GEO 405
GEOL 1305GEO 302P
GEOL 1345MNS 307
GEOL 1347GRG 301K
GEOL 1401GEO 302K + GEO 1 Lab
GEOL 1402GEO 302K + GEO 1 Lab
GEOL 1403GEO 401
GEOL 1404GEO 405
GEOL 1405GEO 302P + 1 Lab
GEOL 1445MNS 307 + MNS 1 Lab
GEOL 1447GRG 401K1
GERM 1411GER 4063
GERM 1412GER 4073
GERM 2311GER 312K
GERM 2312GER 312L
GOVT 2305GOV 305C5
GOVT 2306GOV 306C5
HECO 1322NTR 306
HIST 1301HIS 315K
HIST 1302HIS 315L
HIST 2311HIS 309K
HIST 2312HIS 309L
HIST 2321HIS 301F
HIST 2322HIS 301J
HIST 2327HIS 317L
HIST 2328HIS 314K
HIST 2381HIS 317L
HIST 2382HIS 317L
HUMA 1315F A 310
ITAL 1411ITL 4063,4
ITAL 1412ITL 4073,4
ITAL 2311ITL 312K4
ITAL 2312ITL 312L4
JAPN 1411JPN 4063
JAPN 1412JPN 4073
JAPN 2311JPN 312K3
JAPN 2312JPN 312L3
KINE 1306KIN 313 (Topic 1)1
KINE 1308KIN 319K (Topic 2)1
KINE 1321KIN 319K (Topic 1)1
KINE 1331KIN 314
KINE 2356KIN 312 (Topic 2)
KORE 1411KOR 4063
KORE 1412KOR 4073
KORE 2311KOR 312K
KORE 2312KOR 312L
LATI 1411LAT 4063
LATI 1412LAT 4073
LATI 2311LAT 311
LATI 2312LAT 312K
MATH 1314M 301
MATH 1316M 304E4
MATH 1324M 303D
MATH 1325M 303K3
MATH 1332M 302
MATH 1342SDS 301
MATH 1350M 316K
MATH 1351M 316L
MATH 1414M 4011
MATH 1442SDS 4011
MATH 2305M 325K
MATH 2312M 305G
MATH 2313M 308K3
MATH 2313M 308N3
MATH 2314M 308L
MATH 2314M 308S3
MATH 2315M 308M
MATH 2318M 3114
MATH 2320M 327K3
MATH 2412M 405G1
MATH 2413M 408K
MATH 2413M 408N
MATH 2414M 408L
MATH 2414M 408S
MATH 2415M 408M
MATH 2418M 4111,4
MATH 2420M 427K
MUAPApplied music performance courses transfer as generic semester hour credit in an appropriate instrument. Degree and prerequisite applicability for music majors is determined by the Butler School of Music.
MUENMusic ensemble courses transfer with appropriate University course numbers where applicable, otherwise as generic semester hour credit in ensemble (ENS). Degree and prerequisite applicability for music majors is determined by the Butler School of Music.
MUSI 1181MUS 101M3
MUSI 1182MUS 101N3
MUSI 1306MUS 302L
MUSI 1310MUS 307
MUSI 1311MUS 605A
MUSI 1312MUS 605B
MUSI 2116MUS 211A3
MUSI 2117MUS 211B3
MUSI 2181MUS 110J3
MUSI 2182MUS 110K3
MUSI 2311MUS 612A
MUSI 2312MUS 612B
PHED 1306KIN 313 (Topic 1)1
PHED 1308KIN 319K (Topic 2)1
PHED 1321KIN 319K (Topic 1)1
PHED 1331KIN 314
PHED 2356KIN 312 (Topic 2)
PHIL 1301PHL 301
PHIL 2303PHL 312
PHIL 2306PHL 318
PHIL 2307PHL 318K
PHIL 2316PHL 301K
PHIL 2321PHL 305
PHYS 1101PHY 102M
PHYS 1102PHY 102N
PHYS 1103AST 103L
PHYS 1104AST 1 Lab
PHYS 1105PHY 1 Lab
PHYS 1107PHY 1 Lab
PHYS 1301PHY 302K
PHYS 1302PHY 302L
PHYS 1303AST 301
PHYS 1304AST 309S
PHYS 1305PHY 309K
PHYS 1307PHY 309L
PHYS 1401PHY 302K + PHY 102M
PHYS 1402PHY 302L + PHY 102N
PHYS 1403AST 301 + AST 103L
PHYS 1404AST 309S + AST 1 Lab
PHYS 1405PHY 309K + PHY 1 Lab
PHYS 1407PHY 309L + PHY 1 Lab
PHYS 2125PHY 103M
PHYS 2126PHY 103N
PHYS 2325PHY 303K
PHYS 2326PHY 303L
PHYS 2425PHY 303K + PHY 103M
PHYS 2426PHY 303L + PHY 103N
PORT 1411POR 4064
PORT 1412POR 4074
PORT 2311POR 312K4
PORT 2312POR 312L4
PSYC 1100EDP 1043
PSYC 1200EDP 2043
PSYC 1300EDP 304
PSYC 2301PSY 301
PSYC 2306PSY 306
PSYC 2308PSY 304
PSYC 2316PSY 309
PSYC 2317PSY 317
PSYC 2319PSY 319K
PSYC 2330PSY 308
RUSS 1411RUS 406
RUSS 1412RUS 407
RUSS 2311RUS 312K
RUSS 2312RUS 312L
SGNL 1301ASL 3063,4
SGNL 1302ASL 3073,4
SGNL 1401ASL 4063,4
SGNL 1402ASL 4073,4
SGNL 2301ASL 312K4
SGNL 2302ASL 312L4
SOCI 1301SOC 302
SOCI 1306SOC 307E
SOCI 2301SOC 307C
SOCI 2326PSY 319K
SOCW 2361S W 310
SPAN 1411SPN 4063,4
SPAN 1412SPN 4073,4
SPAN 2311SPN 312K4
SPAN 2312SPN 312L4
SPCH 1315CMS 3054
SPCH 1318CMS 315M
SPCH 1321CMS 306M
SPCH 2333CMS 310K
TECA 1303HDF 304
TECA 1354HDF 313

This is a modified course number with a higher credit value than is normally offered at the University. The higher value does not affect the course's prerequisite or degree applicability.


Lower-division biology courses may transfer as generic credit, without a specific University course number. The terms "Frmn" and "Soph" identify freshman- and sophomore-level lecture credit. "Lab" identifies lower-division laboratory credit. For students in the School of Biological Sciences, such credit is applicable toward prerequisite and degree requirements only with department approval. For students in other degree plans that require specific biology courses, such credit is applicable only with the approval of the student's academic dean. Introductory major-track lecture credit (TCCN BIOL 1406, 1407, 1306, or 1307) generally transfers as Biology 311C and 311D. Major-track laboratory credit (TCCN BIOL 1106, 1107, or the lab components of 1406 and 1407) generally transfers with the modified course numbers BIO 206LA and 206LB.

Nonmajor lecture credit (TCCN BIOL 1408, 1409, 1308, or 1309) generally transfers as Biology 302E and 302D. Nonmajor laboratory credit (TCCN BIOL 1108, 1109, or the lab components of 1408 and 1409) transfers generically, because the University does not offer nonmajor lab courses.


This is a modified course number with a lower credit value than is normally offered at the University. In many cases, such transfer credit may be counted toward prerequisite or degree requirements in place of the higher-value University course; however, such substitution is at the discretion of the student's academic dean.


This is a course no longer offered at the University but still used in awarding transfer credit and still applicable toward certain degree requirements. For students in the School of Nursing, BIOL 2420, 2421, 2320, 2321, 2120, and 2121 transfer as retired Microbiology (MIC) courses.


Texas community colleges do not offer direct equivalents of The University of Texas at Austin's Government 310L312L. or 312P. GOVT 2305+2306 together fulfill the core 070 requirement. Either GOVT 2305 or 2306 combines with Government 310L (but not with 312L or 312P) to fulfill the core 070 requirement.


For School of Architecture students, ARCH 1311 transfers as generic architecture credit and Architecture 308 must be taken in residence.