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PHL 312 PHL 312. Introduction to Logic. 3 Hours.

Logical structure of sentences and arguments; elementary symbolic methods; applications. Three lecture hours or two lecture hours and one laboratory/discussion hour a week for one semester. May not be counted by students with prior credit for Philosophy 313, 313K, 313Q, or 344K.

Department of Philosophy


There are several courses offered each year in philosophy that should be of interest to undergraduates who have strong interests outside philosophy. In addition to the introductory courses ( Philosophy 301 , 304 , 305 , and 310 ) and the basic sequence in the history of philosophy ( Philosophy 329K and 329L ), the courses listed below are of particular relevance to students who are interested in the indicated areas.

Appendix A: Texas Common Course Numbering System


...KIN 312 (Topic 2) PHIL 1301 PHL 301 PHIL 2303 PHL 312 PHIL 2306 PHL...