Organization of the University

Academic Affairs

Subject to the supervision of the Board of Regents and to the authority the board has vested in administrative officers, the general faculty is responsible for the governance of the University. The president is the chief executive officer; the executive vice president and provost is the chief academic officer. The administration of each college or school is the responsibility of that division’s dean; in most colleges and schools, an associate or assistant dean for academic affairs oversees the day-to-day academic life of the division. Several colleges are further divided into departments and academic centers; academic and administrative matters in these units are the responsibility of the department chair or center director. A list of the University’s colleges and schools and their constituent departments and academic centers is given in General Information.

Student Services

Student services are provided by the Division of Student Affairs, under the direction of the vice president for student affairs. The division consists of several units, which administer the University’s programs in such areas as financial aid, student record management, counseling and learning support, housing and food, recreation, health services, and student media. The services of these units are described in General Information. Services provided by the colleges and schools are described in the college/school sections of this catalog.