Minor and Certificate Programs


The transcript-recognized undergraduate academic minor must be completed in conjunction with an undergraduate degree at The University of Texas at Austin. For more information regarding the requirements for achieving a minor, including a comprehensive list of minors, please visit the Minor and Certificate Programs section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

Art History Minor

The Art History Minor requirements are:

Fifteen semester hours of coursework in art history, including at least 12 hours of upper-division coursework.15
Please Note:
All classes must be taken on the letter-grade basis. The student must earn a combined grade point average of at least 2.50 in minor coursework.

Arts Management and Administration Minor

The Arts Management and Administration Minor requirements are:

F A 362Foundations of Arts Management3
F A 340Fine Arts Internship3
Nine hours of Fine Arts, Business, or Management coursework, at least 3 hours of which must be F A. The following courses may count towards this requirement, but this list is not exhaustive. A full list of approved courses may be found on the CoFA website.9
Engaging with the Arts from the Audience
Developing and Reaching Audiences
Fundraising in the Arts
Managing Arts Organizations
Cultural Policy and Participation
Longhorn Startup Seminar
Special Topics in Arts Management and Administration (Any topic)
Foundations of Accounting
Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting
Foundations of Management and Organizational Behavior
Organizational Behavior
Foundations of Marketing
Principles of Marketing
Foundations of Finance
Business Finance
Foundations of Business Law and Ethics
Business Law and Ethics
Foundations of International Business
International Trade
Please Note:
A 2.50 overall grade point average in minor coursework is required. All courses must be taken on the letter-grade basis.

Studio Art Minor

The Studio Art Minor requirements are:

15 semester hours of coursework in studio art, chosen from the following:15
Philosophy, Theory, and Criticism
Photography for Nonmajors
Painting for Nonmajors
Drawing for Nonmajors
Figure Drawing for Nonmajors
Print for Nonmajors
Sculpture for Nonmajors
Transmedia for Nonmajors
Please Note:
All courses must be taken on the letter-grade basis.

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