Examinations in the School of Law are conducted in accordance with The University of Texas at Austin School of Law Honor Code.

Written examinations are administered at the end of each semester and summer term. A schedule giving the time and place of each examination is posted in advance at https://law.utexas.edu/courses/catalog/.

To postpone an examination, a student must obtain the approval of the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs before the scheduled time of the examination. In an emergency, approval may be given after the date of the examination. If a student takes a postponed examination without permission of the Assistant Dean, the student will be dropped from the course and the symbol Q will be recorded. A student who fails to attend a final examination without the Dean's consent may not take a postponed or special examination and will receive no credit for the course; the course will be counted as a course taken and failed when the minimum performance standards are applied and a grade of F (1.30 grade points) for the course will be recorded and will be used in calculating the student's grade point average.